The Power of Marketing Automation

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The Power of Marketing Automation

March 23, 2022

We have all heard the phrase, “there are only 24 hours in a day”? Marketing automation is here to help with just that.

Let’s dive in and examine exactly what Marketing Automation is and how it can help your business thrive and earn more revenue.

At it’s core, marketing automation is utilizing computer software to complete repetitive marketing tasks. From here, we will give you some of the top reasons on how marketing automation can help your company grow.

Marketing Automation can lead to

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Top 5 Reasons Marketing Automation Will Help Your Company Grow

1. Enables Your Team to Achieve More Goals

Marketing automation has one of the best qualities when it comes to completing tasks…SAVING TIME! Saving time on tasks by allowing marketing automation software to automatically put tasks in a sequence and fire off when you tell them to, gives marketing companies the ability to follow up with leads and take potential customers through the conversion funnel. By saving time, you are allowing your team to focus on other important strategic and creative marketing tasks. Saving time also helps companies and brands engage with their clients more efficiently. This provides a more streamlined process, making marketing streams more profitable and more goals will be accomplished.

2. Completes the circle of Marriage between Marketing and Sales

Marriage takes a lot of work! One marriage that may almost be perfect, with the help of marketing automation, is the one between marketing and sales. By aligning your marketing and sales together, you will essentially be aligning company goals and efforts together. Automation software allows the process between sales and marketing efforts to operate more smoothly because both aspects will be more efficient by saving time. Did you know that marketing automation can lead to a 14.5% increase in sales productivity and a 12.2% reduction in marketing overhead? This type of software gives sales teams and marketing teams all the information both teams need to be more effective in their roles. Therefore, marketing teams can spend more time strategizing the perfect campaign, while in turn, giving the sales team an opportunity to increase productivity.

3. Personalizes Marketing Strategies

We mentioned in the previous sections that marketing automation saves time. Once time is saved from doing the mundane tasks of either manual entry or spending way too much time on one task, room is made for personalizing a strategy tailored directly for your potential clients. Once someone visits your website, marketing automation turns those website visits into leads by being able to retarget those individuals who visited your website. Targeting can be achieved through email marketing campaigns, social media and search ads. Knowing who your target audience is will allow the creation of more personalized content by segmentation and reporting. For example, being able to track engagement and learning what a group of people like vs what another group doesn’t like. If people are engaging with your website because you provide a particular product or service that other businesses might not have you are gaining valuable insights about that audience.

4. Produces More Accurate Reports

Marketing automation provides accurate, streamlined reporting that can help with pinpointing issues within your business. Customization of reports helps narrow down specific areas of interest for quick analysis. This allows for your business to quickly find problems or change dynamics within your business that helps run operations more smoothly. With these software tools, Pivot Mode can help navigate and share with you how your business can increase lead volume and revenue.

5. Enables Valuable Insight On Your Marketing Budget

Marketing automation provides detailed reports that give you the ability to distinguish which campaigns are working and which are not, in turn saving time and money. Effective spending is necessary for any business to grow. As a business, you should always be hyper aware of cost savings. For example, instead of having tons of labor cost, that labor budget could be used more for critical decisions that will launch your organization to the next level. For instance, moving that budget to a larger ad spend on ads that are proven to work can reduce overall ad cost and increase sales.

Our final thought is that marketing automation can exponentially help grow your business and help you gain valuable insights into your customers/leads. Freeing up more time to create new content and strategize will ultimately help trend your business upward.

  • Track leads and engage them at critical points in the buyer’s journey.
  • Nurture leads with hyper-personalized email and web content.
  • Build powerful landing pages that transform visitors to leads.
  • Connect to hundreds of third-party platforms or build new integrations
  • Turn social media interactions into conversations that generate sales
  • Collect real-time analytics to capture and prove end-to-end ROI

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