Comparing Marketing Automation Vendors

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Comparing Marketing Automation Vendors

April 26, 2022

Is your business ready to increase its sales-ready leads by 50%?

Marketing automation utilizes quality content to help companies achieve a higher ROI through seamlessly connecting with potential customers.  These powerful marketing automation platforms will help save your company thousands of dollars, and in turn, make thousands of dollars in profits. 

After months of research and years of marketing experience, we have seen proven results with marketing automation features that help us put our clients in a position for the best possible ROI. Pivot Mode utilizes the marketing automation software SharpSpring to deliver powerful and affordable marketing automation solutions.

The ease of SharpSpring’s marketing automation platform allows Pivot Mode to be highly flexible while integrating easily with other tools. In order to show exactly what we are talking about, we have provided a marketing automation vendor comparison guide that gives more insight into features these platforms offer that can help your company increase revenue. 

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Marketing Automation Comparison Guide

What's In The Guide?

See side-by-side comparisons of the top 6 marketing automation vendors in one convenient guide. Compare costs, both upfront and ongoing, and get insight into contract terms. Also, compare these features below between SharpSpring's platform and other marketing automation platforms.

  • Pricing & Terms
  • Email Features
  • Automation Features
  • Form Features
  • Contact Tracking
  • Landing Page Designers
  • Blog Builders
  • Social Media Features
  • Platform Features

How Pivot Mode Utilizes a Couple of Key Features

Creating Content

If content is king, Pivot Mode wins by utilizing SharpSpring’s platform. For marketing automation to be as effective as possible, it is crucial that your company have creative content that brings value. Pivot Mode works with clients to create that creative content, such as social media graphics, dynamic landing pages, and case studies just to mention a few. This enables company's to capture their audience to connect with their brand and have a better connection and understanding with their customers and clientele.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is at the core of all marketing automation platforms. SharpSpring excels in this area by offering all of the features that help Pivot Mode use email as an effective campaign tool for our clients. We have the ability to create a drip email that will guide potential clients down the path of brand awareness, educate potential customers, and ultimately help them make a decision to trust you with their products and services.

Sales Conversions
Increased by


Real Results

Bryton’s Home Improvement offers home remodeling services across two states. It was looking for a platform to provide increased metrics and visibility into its marketing efforts. After implementing SharpSpring, the business saw a 10x ROI on all marketing campaigns and increased sales conversions by 35%.

Have peace of mind that your company’s marketing efforts are in the hands of marketing experts that help you eliminate all the heartache and hassle of worrying about marketing on top of everything else you have to do to run your business. Download our Marketing Automation Comparison Guide today and get your company back on track. 

Marketing Automation Comparison Guide

Marketing Automation Comparison Guide

Downloading this guide will give you insight into some of the powerful tools that Pivot Mode can offer to help your company create meaningful and valuable content as well as increase revenue.


Ready to compare Marketing Automation? Pivot Mode can help.

Our team at Pivot Mode is experienced in Marketing Automation.


Chatbots Shorten Your Sales Cycle

Half of B2B buyers make a purchase decision before ever talking to a sales rep. Chatbots can help guide leads through your funnel until they’re ready to buy — freeing up your team to handle higher priority prospects. Instead of having potential buyers wait on the sales process via a traditional method such as phone calls or emails, chatbots offer more streamlined communication. AI technology walks your customers through the funnel and to a sale with fewer hiccups along the way.

We found that the sales cycle is 5X faster for leads that engaged with our chatbots versus those that didn't.

Ready for the icing on the cake? Pivot Mode can incorporate the option to transfer those leads from chatbot to real time live chat with your company's sales team. Enabling them to engage with sales-ready prospects precisely at the time they are most interested in your service or product.