Are You ADA Compliant?

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Are You ADA Compliant?

July 25, 2023

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) ensures that businesses accommodate disabled individuals. Yes, that applies to websites too. It is actually mandated by law! Websites, like physical businesses, are required to be accessible for all types of customers.

It's a Win-Win for ROI

In addition to being legal and “the right thing to do”, ADA compliance for your website just makes business sense.
It is estimated that one in four Americans have a disability and with aging populations, more accessible websites will thrill and satisfy all potential customers. ADA compliance is also incredibly cost effective and has a very high ROI that makes being ethical also financially rewarding as well. Partnering with Pivot Mode and handling your website’s ADA requirements with a drop-in web tool is affordable and keeps your webpage open for all your potential clients, not just a few.


Increased SEO Results

Optimizing your website for accessibility and ADA compliance, also helps improve your site’s visibility and rank in search engines.
Google’s search engine optimization algorithms are specifically designed to take web site design and accessibility into account when providing scores and placement for advertising. If your website is not optimized for people with disabilities, especially say, blind customers, your SEO score will fall and you will miss out on a great opportunity for new fans and customers. So don’t throw your SEO investment away on a website lacking in accessibility and let our simple, affordable tool handle all your ADA compliance needs for you.


Chatbots Shorten Your Sales Cycle

Half of B2B buyers make a purchase decision before ever talking to a sales rep. Chatbots can help guide leads through your funnel until they’re ready to buy — freeing up your team to handle higher priority prospects. Instead of having potential buyers wait on the sales process via a traditional method such as phone calls or emails, chatbots offer more streamlined communication. AI technology walks your customers through the funnel and to a sale with fewer hiccups along the way.

We found that the sales cycle is 5X faster for leads that engaged with our chatbots versus those that didn't.

Ready for the icing on the cake? Pivot Mode can incorporate the option to transfer those leads from chatbot to real time live chat with your company's sales team. Enabling them to engage with sales-ready prospects precisely at the time they are most interested in your service or product.


ADA Tax Credits

Another unexpected benefit from keeping your website  ADA compliant, is the ADA tax credit.
Taking the time to make sure your website is open and accessible can lead to a nice tax refund for following policies that lead to big benefits all around.

The tax credit, listed under Section 44 of the IRS Code, covers 50% of the eligible access expenditures made during the previous tax year, with a maximum expenditure limit of $10,250. There is no credit for the first $250 of the expenditures, and so, it is subtracted accordingly. Therefore, the highest amount of credit a business can receive is $5,000.  


Let Us Take Care Of It

With all the other duties on your plate, why try to tackle another when we can do it for you?
You know you need to be protected from frivolous lawsuits and make sure your customers are all well served by your website, but who has the time or the legal knowledge to make it a reality? With a simple drop-in tool, we can handle all aspects of your website’s ADA compliance and keep it up to date, freeing you up to deal with the things that matter. Please let us help you today!

Ready to elevate your ADA game?
Pivot Mode can help.

Our team at Pivot Mode is experienced in ADA compliance.